The Last Performance: 2007-2009

The Last Performance [dot org] is a constraint-based collaborative writing, archiving and text-visualization project responding to the theme of lastness in relation to architecture, acts of building, a final performance, and the interruption (that becomes the promise) of community.
The visual architecture of The Last Performance [dot org] is based on a concept of "double buildings," used in the project to describe spaces that have housed multiple historical identities, with a specific concern for the Hagia Sophia and the functions of church, mosque, and museum. The project uses architectural forms as a contextual framework for collaborative authorship. Source texts submitted to the project become raw material for a constantly evolving textual landscape.
The web version of this project is accessible online at and is included in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 (2006)
This project was initiated in response to the work of the seminal performance collective, Goat Island, and their decision, after 20 years of practice, to create a last performance. The writing project and the final Goat Island performance, The Lastmaker, overlapped significantly having evolved in parallel through shared generative constraints.
The Last Performance [dot org] is a project of the Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writing Program